Northampton’s Lia Honda Demolition (Last Day)

"That’s it. The final section — we all fall down! Now it’s clean up time." Lia Honda car dealership on King Street in Northampton, MA. Videotaped by Dann Vazquez, Monday July 28, 2014.

Colorway - “Live With Me”

Live @ Northampton MA’s Sidewalk Sales in front of First Churches. Sunday July 27, 2014.

Lia Honda Demolition

Front roof where the Honda sign used to be gets knocked down. Former Lia Honda dealership in Northampton, MA 7.21.14.

Gredward Gravity @ Turn It Up! Northampton 7.20.14.

Held at TURN IT UP! record store in Northampton, MA. Also playing that night were Spinster. Sunday, July 20, 2014.

Spinster @ Turn It Up! Northampton 7.20.14.

Held at TURN IT UP! record store in Northampton, MA. Also playing that night were Gredward Gravity. Sunday, July 20, 2014.

No one injured in cooking fire that caused evacuation of ServiceNet building, brief closure of King StreetBy


Thursday, July 17, 2014

King Street was closed for about 20 minutes due to the Fire Department’s response to the 911 call at 3:12 p.m. The building at 129 King St. houses ServiceNet, a human services agency that provides clinical, residential, rehabilitative, recovery and support services in western Massachusetts.

Deputy Fire Chief Timothy McQueston said someone had extinguished the fire on the stove top by the time firefighters entered the third-floor apartment, but thick smoke filled the apartment and hallways.

He said the woman who lived in the apartment was frying chicken when the fire started.

“Frying chicken in a frying pan is inherently dangerous because of the hot oil,” which is highly flammable, he said.

He said damage was limited to the stove top and the resident would be able to continue living in the apartment.

While firefighters put a fan in the third floor window to blow out the smoke, residents stood in small groups outside the building. One woman clutched a cat in her arms.

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Demolition of Former Northampton Car Dealership Underway

(with my interview)

“It doesn’t look that great for the community on King Street at all,” says Dan Vasquez of Northampton. “I think it’s about time, it needs to be demolished.”

“It’s interesting seeing what comes in place of it too, you know,” says Vasquez.

Northampton’s old Honda dealership being demolished. Began 7/14/14.

Facebook Activity Log 6.7.14.

Facebooking again. More posts and Likes to keep track of.

Batman in the stocks — from the Hypnotic Eye.


Pop culture ultra-violent stills taken from my video “The Beatles - Some White Things


Raquel Welch does a sexy Space Dance (courtesy of CulturBisZ)

Campy Schlock.


Your license has been suspended for Hitching.


Love this film.


"Wa wa, wa wa" - Peanuts

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Facebook Activity Log 5-29-14

HOME-BODY today ‘cept for downtown morning today and a stop @ Thornes Marketplace to grab some lunch. Came back & made yet another pot of java. Working some but mostly hardly working ‘cept for some researching and favoriting and liking stuff on my YouTube channel: ERPLOCO.

Once I’m back home I’m a mess. Facebook? Some, yes. Posting? No, just liking. Comments? Just one from Eric Gaffney about not posting clips of him unless I get his permission first. He’s a famous name in NOHO. I don’t blame him for getting angry. BTW, the complete video of his performance was bad quality that’s why I edited it down to 7 mins long. He wants the full version for himself on DVD. Good luck enjoying it, since it’s pretty rough. Embarrassing to boot. Anyway, here’s the edited version I mentioned:

It’s the Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists band performance @ the last Elevens show in NOHO. The place is closing but re-opening again as a more posh venue for cover bands only. Good luck. Yes, a sad day it was. Hugs and pats on the shoulders and photos taken together. Sad. More clips and stills from that day soon to be uploaded.



Awesome selfie of Chimbly. Looks like a big picture in an art gallery yet it’s only on her computer desktop.


NCTV’s Henry White @ ServiceNet’s Fit Together Gym. Where is this heading to? A few new guests for Spotlighting Paradise?

The Hypnotic Eye's recent post:


Michael Myers from Halloween. Reminds me of my archival short “A Strange Little Clip.” That is, a video of me talking about a tape my aunt found at Amherst Community Television.


Click on the still to get the film (above).

A book to read someday:


Manifestoes of Surrealism, a book by André Breton


Thank you again, Mr. Music Man of the Valley: George Lenker.

Just saw this on Tom Pappalardo’s Facebook Page:


A mask by Pronoblem Baalberith featured in the new Pixies music video. Yay, Pronoblem!

And to finish off for today. A weird photo taken by the Xtian Perfection. Very odd: