March 22, 2014

April Fools show @ the Academy of Music featuring the YOUNG@Heart Chorus.

Well, that would be a swell show to see. I recall once I told P.AL @ NCTV that the old staff Gary Rivest had just come in and wanted his job back. Ha hahaha. He’d rather work and be happy @ Channel 40 since NCTV isn’t an ideal job for the money but for the great experience it offers. Yes, it’s superb for that. Gary said in the perfect world, if NCTV was like NBC, Henry White would be making tons of money for “Spotlighting Paradise,” Alicia Ralph would be rich for her FlipCam stuff and I myself but be the richest person (and a big celebrity) in Northampton since I’ve been at it since 1998. NCTV is going good beside all that.

Saw Monte Belmonte again sitting and camping out to help raise money for the Cancer Connection Campout VIII.

I unfortunately made it to the very last day of the event, but it was for the good since I was able to see the results and videotape Monte singing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” on the steps of the Old Hampshire County Courthouse.

Well, that was fun.

Headed up to NCTV to edit and upload the results. Wasn’t in the spirit for finishing off the St Patty’s Day mashup but it should eventually be up someway and somehow.

This video should include some bits and pieces of the UMASS Blarney Blowout fiasco and the most recent Big Bad Bollocks show @ the Iron Horse before St. Patty’s Day. Somebody did upload a clip of the show onto YouTube after all. Man, I thought this one was going to be lost forever. At least we have this since the Iron Horse is a real pain about videotaping in their club.

Someday someday… everything at the Iron Horse will be archived for posterity.


Went back home to the village and caught some of the updates on Upper Ridge. Here’s an example:

What a nice cramped looking townhouse. Well, everything on Village Hill is cramped looking and congested. As I told one new resident “it’s getting pretty BUSY up here!”

More news: get back on track and hand in those archives of NOHO State Hospital where they rightly belong. Must get back to work ASAP. All turned around sleep-wise but I’m loving it immensely. ;-)

March 21, 2014

Northampton’s Truck Eating bridge. — “Where’s that confounded bridge?”

March 9, 2014

Student Presentations on Memorializing Northampton State Hospital

February 22, 1 p.m., Campus Center 205

First-Year Seminar 121, “The Evolution and Transformation of the Northampton State Hospital,” will report on its Fall 2013 class project. The Northampton State Hospital, adjacent to Smith College, was in operation from 1858 to 1993. Students in the class were involved in projects intended to help memorialize the history of the hospital. These projects contribute to and complement the work of the Northampton State Hospital Memorial Committee. This Northampton community group was awarded $75,000 by the City’s Community Preservation Act committee to create a Memorial Park on the site of Village Hill. FYS 121 students will describe their projects and how they will contribute to memorializing Northampton State Hospital.

Tom Riddell
Interim Dean of the Sophomore Class, the Junior Class (A-H), and the Ada Comstock Scholars
Lecturer and Professor Emeritus
College Hall 101
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Videotaped by
Dann Vazquez

A DV Archives 2014.

March 9, 2014

Vanished: the Hospital on the Hill - Historic Northampton 2.14.14.

Photographs by Stan Sherer ~ Text by J. Michael Moore. February 14 - March 7, 2014

Opening Reception Friday, February 14, 5 to 8 pm featuring a Gallery Talk by Tom Riddell at 6 pm.

"The Long March to Memorializing Northampton State Hospital"

In the early 19th century, Massachusetts was in the vanguard of states to take an active role in the care of the mentally ill. The “Northampton Lunatic Hospital” opened in 1858. It was built in an optimistic spirit of humanitarian reform which held that mental illness could be cured if the afflicted were provided with the appropriate environment and healthy influences. Both the location and the physical design of the building were intended to enhance the therapeutic effect of the hospital. Set on a hill a mile west of the town center, it was surrounded by expansive grounds and afforded a beautiful view of the Connecticut River Valley.

By the dawn of the 20th century, the newly renamed, overcrowded, “Northampton State Hospital” housed six hundred people. But the bucolic vision had dimmed; the hospital was severely overcrowded and gradually served primarily as a roof over the heads of the patients, many of them left there and forgotten. In 1978 a consent decree mandated the development of an array of community housing and services. A very aggressive timetable was adopted for placing clients out in the community and reducing the census at the hospital. The last eleven patients left Northampton State Hospital in a van shortly before 10 am on Thursday, August 26, 1993.

Village Hill Northampton, as the site is now called, still offers the beautiful views that were once seen as part of the cure, but little remains of the hospital whose history mirrors the changing American views of mental health care over 135 years. Today the “Hill” is a new community of single-family townhouses, cottages, multifamily housing, commercial and — hopefully soon — retail businesses. Vanished: the Hospital on the Hill tells the story of the Northampton State Hospital through photographs and the words of the employees. This exhibition grew out of an oral history project initiated in 1992 by hospital employees who wished to record and preserve their experiences as workers on “Hospital Hill.” At the opening reception on February 14th, Tom Riddell, Professor Emeritus of Economics and American Studies at Smith College will present a gallery talk at 6 pm, “The Long March to Memorializing Northampton State Hospital.” Vanished: the Hospital on the Hill is open Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays 12 noon to 5 pm.

Videotaped by Dann Vazquez

A DV Archives 2014.

March 9, 2014

Northampton/Tidza artist, personality, frontman to the BIG BAD BOLLOCKS and (at this very moment, on this show) writer and author of his new book Marmite Cowboy… John Allen reads an excerpt and does a bit of improv as well. Mike Flood, who was playing Ed Sullivan for this year’s REALLY BIG SHOW at the Academy of Music, gave a brief introduction. Also featuring Northampton, MA city councilor Bill Dwight and radio personality Monte Belmonte as Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. Videotaped by Dann Vazquez, w/ some footage provided by Northampton Community Television. A DV Archives 2014.

March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014

Sea Monkeys ad. Thank you for posting this - The Hypnotic Eye.

Zsa Zsa Gabor in outer space.

The Cosmic Man.

Hypnotic Eye TV Show

Great episode. Recommended.

March 9, 2014

Dog eating bowl of cereal. LOL. Thank you media & news personality, Scott Coen, for sending this to me. Brilliant!

February 24, 2014
Another Weekday 2.24.14.

Went downtown early morning and headed out to run a few errands. Need more money and I’m hungry for it. Wish blogging was a good way to live on. Live on posting and uploading but there’s got to be some “work” involved. Real work. Effort. Resume building. Contributing.

So I walked down the Manhan rail trail and saw a duffel bag that had been there suspiciously for a while.


Who goes there?


Checked out some of the ice sculptures. The one above still has the Florence Savings Bank emblem on it.

And the Game Of Thornes is stil melting…


Headed up to NCTV, tripod in tow from this past weekend’s shoot. Gotta start clearing off my hard drive and get the videos from the Really Big Show uploaded by this week. Can’t leave JOHN ALLEN hanging.

Saw this on Elm St. on my way to the TV station.


Arrived and checked in the tripod and SD card. Although I still need to clear the card first. Many a files and large clips on it that need to be edited in Final Cut Pro.

I began work on the long awaited Vanished: The Hospital On The Hill. Exhibit at Historic Northampton on Northampton State Hospital.


Some of the footage of Tom Riddell (see above) was shaky as hell since it was hand-held camerawork. I hated it and plan to insert pictures in between the shaky bits. However, I got stuck when he mentioned the State Hospital cemetery. There’s no photos on the web of the bench along the trees memorializing the former patients.

Oh well, got to dig thru the data discs at home. And so many to look thru too. Rats!

Found out from fellow Facebook pals that SCTV/SNL writer Harold Ramis died today. RIP funny man.

Here’s a clip from a 1976 episode of SCTV. Enjoy!

February 23, 2014
Sunday Morning & The Really Big Show 2.23.14.


(above) Upper Ridge on Village Hill Northampton as of 2.23.14.


Goodbye swans. 2.23.14.


Headed down to the REALLY BIG SHOW and NCTV had already arrived.

They were doing last minute rehearsals and Bill Dwight was taking pictures. Here’s one of Mike Flood as Ed Sullivan.


And yes, AEIO Ukes performed that night… as The Beatles!


My good mate JOHN ALLEN as the Marmite Cowboy. He later read an excerpt from the book of the same name. It was clean, as I hoped for (as mentioned below).


Here’s one of Mike Flood as ED and Bill Dwight and Monte Belmonte as Statler and Waldorf, the 2 hecklers in the side balcony from the Muppet Show.


And The Kids were the final act. SUPERB!!!


JOHN ALLEN later had Marmite Cowboy books for sale.


He signed a copy for Me. Yippee!


Thank you JOHN… Cowboy!!


As always: Videos coming soon.

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